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Veterinary work by International Zoo Veterinary Group
Dental Work by Zoodent International


Case Study:

Zigon - Sumatran Tiger : Extracting a tiger's tooth


The carnassial teeth of a carnivore are found on the upper and lower gums, at the back of the mouth, and are specially adapted for tearing flesh apart; they act like a pair of scissors when the carnivore chews. To secure them in the gum, a carnassial tooth has three roots and in order to extract the tooth the Surgeon had to split it into three pieces, having first administered a local anaesthetic to Zigon's gum. He then carefully extracted each fragment, ensuring the whole of each root was removed. Once the tooth was fully removed, He sutured over the socket to close the gum and the vet administered antibiotics and pain relief. The vets took Zigon off the anaesthetic machine and together with the keepers carried him back to his den, where he was given an injection to reverse the anaesthetic.


The vets administered antibiotics and pain relief to Zigon via tablets in his food over the next few days. He made a good recovery and was eating meat from the bone after seven days.

Tiger Teeth Dentist
Tiger Teeth Extraction
Tiger dentistry


These Zebras had a very large ramps to the pre-molars and a number of other molar problems.
The Zebra needed work to correct Molar malaclussions. This Zebra should now use his mouth more evenly and this will stop reoccurring problems.

Horse Teeth Extraction
Horse Teeth Extraction
Zebra Tooth
Zebra Teeth Extraction


This is a black jaguar. She had a incisor on the upper arcade that required treatment. At first the tooth looked as if it would have to be extracted, but extraction is the last resort.
Saving the tooth was priority. Root canal treatment was needed on this animal.
A treatment area was set up outside the jaguars den. The jaguar was sedated by a zoo vet and treatment began. The team consisted of the International zoo veterinary group and Zoodent International also the Head keeper of the big cat section of the zoo.
This surgery lasted 2 hours. The jaguar was taken back to the den and a reversal drug was given.

Panther Teeth Extraction
Panther Teeth Extraction
Panther Teeth Extraction