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Horse Dental Work

Hooks, ramps, waves, steps, ATRs, shear

Common problems found within the equine skull. Hooks can be on the upper 6's. Hooks can push the jaw out of alignment . Large hooks may reach the mandible, interfering with rostral movement of the mandible during mastication and poll flexion, and causing severe pain by impinging on the soft tissue and underlying bone in the interdental space...

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Horse Dentist

Wolf teeth, bit seats, retained caps, calculus.

The majority of wolf teeth are likely to cause problems and will reduce a horse's performance. The wolf teeth are the first premolars, normally only apparent in the upper jaw, but they can sometimes occur in the lower jaw...

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Horse Dentist

Overbite and underbite Changes of the dental arcade with ageing.

As shown the incisor teeth can also become out of alignment and the upper jaw will overshoot the lower jaw. Unless these developing hooks are removed and teeth are correctly re-aligned the condition will become progressively worse. The movement of the lower jaw against the upper jaw in a backwards and forwards motion will be lost...

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