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You will receive a full examination of the skull, all the surrounding muscles and a complete examination of all arcades of the teeth. This is to make sure your horse is achieving the three point balance and the jaw is in alignment. When the initial examination has been carried out, I will complete an evaluation sheet. This charts the treatment that your horse requires which I will discuss with you before starting. On completion I will record the work I have done on the evaluation sheet and advise on when your horse should see the dentist again (usually every six months). This will be noted on the evaluation sheet and a copy given to you for your records, which can be kept with your horse passport.
I am equipped with power tools/rasps for more advanced procedures and removal of large dental overgrowths. I also have a full range of dental Instruments for miniature and smaller equines.
I have access to full veterinary facilities with vets for advanced work. I can organise x-rays, sedation, etc. with local vets if needed. All advanced dental work is done with vets and only a vet can sedate your equine.
Yard discounts are available for multiple equines. For power tool work, wolf teeth extraction, bit seats, molar extraction etc., please phone for details. I have an endoscope to view inside the horse mouth for a full diagnosis with colour monitor so both client and vet can view the problems. I take referrals from vets and other equine dentists. Any questions please phone or e-mail me.

Molar Extraction

This horse needed to have the 107 molar removed due to an abscess around the root area. The surgical team removed this tooth over a number of hours. Due to the age (7 years old) this proved to be a difficult extraction because of the long root. X-rays were taken before and after to make sure all fragments were removed. After flushing out and packing with soaked gauze this horse was given a course of antibiotics. The referring vet revisited this horse to check the clearing abscess and cleaned out the socket until the soft tissue and gum had healed. This horse will need to see a dentist regularly to ensure the opposite tooth on the lower arcade does not erupt into the space left by the extracted molar.

Horse Teeth Extraction
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